DCIC needs YOU!


Good news keeps rolling in for the Mapping Inequality research team! Team member Myeong Lee has officially finished Scribe and it’s all ready to go. Check it out and help us transcribe data from the remaining cities! The site will prompt you with a tutorial on the transcription process. You can choose to mark and/or transcribe the key information on each of the documents. Mark is used to identify the date, location, and other relevant information on the documents. If you choose transcribe, you can type the information that other virtual volunteers have marked. Once several entries have been marked and transcribed, you can verify the entries to ensure that the added information is correct. This data will be integrated into the Mapping Inequality site where users can actually see the lasting effects on each of the featured cities and the area descriptions behind it.

This is a great way for you to get involved, contribute to the Mapping Inequality project, and learn about the ways in which redlining in New Deal America has impacted our lives today. It’s all virtual, so yes, you can sit on the couch in your pajamas while you transcribe– we won’t judge!