Universities Break, Reality Does Not

It’s May. Students have three final exams and four course projects. Faculty must grade thirty different tests and project submissions. Summer jobs and internships are demanding schedules, hours, and employment information. Also, that digital curation project you volunteered for has an upcoming deadline/presentation.

Come June, and the stress of the previous semester subsides as students take on complacent roles. Students either are working full time for internships or income. Faculty might be researching or taking personal vacations. Other than a few courses, most universities shut down in the summer. Similarly, the DCIC shuts down for its summer break as many students are unable to volunteer in the summer.

Universities may break in the summer, however, reality does not.

Social justice protests were reignited as police officers continue to execute black men and women without consequence. The income gap is wider and urban environments continue to suffer from gentrification. The data Mapping Inequality curated in Spring 2016 still exists, waiting to be analyzed and explored.

The start date for Fall 2016 is August 29th, and the DCIC is ready to go. As students graduate or fill their schedules, openings emerge on the various projects. Mapping Inequality is looking for Library Science and Information Management student involvement to complete new semester project objectives.

Break time is over. Email dcic.ischool@gmail.com to get involved with Mapping Inequality or other DCIC projects.