Database Team Update

For the past 2 weeks, the database team has been working on the tasks that they were assigned and goals that they have set as a team for the month of October. They started out by cleaning up the image files uploaded in UMD box. They went through all 2,681 images and made sure that the file name has the appropriate format and changed those that did not.

The database team is also collaborating with the Web Development team to improve image file paths to the PostgreSQL DB by using PHP and JavaScript. They have made significant progress despite most of the team not having any experience in both coding languages. They added an “image paths” table and made relevant fields in our database. Also, they are currently learning PHP from scratch in order to extract the image file names into the “image paths” table.

Since most of the members of the Database team are only learning about databases this semester, they have faced a lot of issue and roadblocks. However, they are also receiving a lot of help from more experienced members of the Web Development team as well as from Myeong. Despite all the challenges they are enjoying the learning process and will continue to work hard to achieve their goals for this month.

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