Local Environment Setup Using Vagrant

Hello, everyone!

We are back with this week’s update about the project by the web team.

So far, Web Development team and Database Design team have set up the local environment so that any individual member can work on this project on his/her computer. Since everyone has different work environments (such as different OS and versions), we had to create a virtual machine that has exactly same environment so that we can avoid any unsupported error issue. To set up the virtual machine environment, we have used Vagrant script, which installs the necessary programs only.

Due to the unfamiliarity of the team members with the use of Vagrant, they faced issues and the Vagrant script was causing some error. However, in the end, the members were  provided with the new Vagrant script by our project head, Myeong, that sets up the correct local work environment, and all the members were able to set the environment completely.

Currently, the team is working on importing image file paths to the PostgreSQL DB by using PHP and JavaScript. Despite having midterms in this week, the team is trying to finish the tasks by the end of this week.

For more updates related to the project, stay tuned with us! Until then.. Good bye!


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