Goals and Scope

During World War II, over 120,000 Japanese Americans were relocated and jailed across 10 camps. The National Archives maintains record series related to the War Relocation Authority (WAR) agency that oversaw the incarceration. Among these are “Internal Security Case Reports” prepared by Relocation Center staff relating to alleged cases of disorderly conduct, assault, theft, loss of property, and accidents. This project focuses on the “Internal Security Cases” index cards. Each card includes a case number, type of charge, names and addresses of persons involved, time and place where the incident occurred, and account of the incident, and refers to a more detailed case file (for which access is restricted). See:

dcic1Students Roles, Responsibilities and Takeaways

  • Complete OCR and collect metadata for 2 more boxes.
  • Spreadsheet with all item level metadata extracted.
  • Data from spreadsheet imported into graph database.
  • Identify interesting questions that need to be answered from this data.
  • Write cipher queries to visualize relationships in the database.

Through this project, students are expected to learn OCR techniques, use the NLP software GATE to extract data attributes, design a graph database using Neo4j and analyze the data using cipher queries.


By the end of the academic year, we will deliver a demo to NARA’s Office of Innovation.

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