Computational Archival Science (CAS):

An interdisciplinary field concerned with the application of computational methods and resources to large-scale records/archives processing, analysis, storage, long-term preservation, and access, with aim of improving efficiency, productivity and precision in support of appraisal, arrangement and description, preservation and access decisions, and engaging and undertaking research with archival material.

This suggests that computational archival science is a blend of computational thinking and archival thinking.

Some of the challenges might arguably be:

  • The need to better convey to funders the principles and challenges of big archives.
  • The need to better educate archivists about the principles and challenges of big archives.

Foundational Paper:

  • “Archival records and training in the Age of Big Data,” Marciano, Lemieux, Hedges, Esteva, Underwood, Kurtz, Conrad, submitted Oct. 2016
    See: Final_draft.pdf

    In: “Advances in Librarianship – Re-Envisioning the MLIS: Perspectives on the Future of Library and Information Science Education”
    Editors: Lindsay C. Sarin, Johnna Percell, Paul T. Jaeger, & John Carlo Bertot